Dark Souls 3 DLC footage teases unlikely stealth and typically torturous foes

Before we start: the following is perhaps best avoided if you want to go into Dark Souls 3's second and final portion of DLC completely fresh. I will say that I've watched the following four minute long "gameplay montage" and while it does showcase new locations, monsters and bosses, I—as someone who is very much looking forward to the series' supposed parting shot—don't feel it gives too much away in isolation.

But I understand if you'd rather leave now. Happy to read on? Great. 

Incase that wasn't clear, it's spoiler territory from hereon.  

You might've spotted the following footage in James' hands-on preview of Dark Souls 3's Ringed City DLC yesterday, however the game's publisher Bandai Namco has since released it on its official YouTube channel. I won't read James' hands-on till I've played the DLC myself, however when I asked him for a spoiler-free account of his short time with it he pondered whether it'll be the send off the series deserves, but that it is "a weird final act for sure."

The following in-game footage offers a glimpse at a few of the locales scattered around the "literal end of the world" setting, as well as a few typically bastard hard-looking enemies, and that demon boss fight that featured in last month's reveal trailer. Around the one minute mark, there's even a sort-of stealth set piece which is pretty unusual against the how these games tend to operate.

I'm cautious to over-analyse that, simply because I want to get my hands on the Ringed City DLC right now. It's due on March 28, however here's a gathering of the series' best and worst enemies to tide you over.