Dark Souls 3 cheater roleplays a Lockheed AC-130

Loath though I am to dignify any form of cheating, Dark Souls 3 player AC-130 gets an honourable mention for, well, roleplaying a Lockheed AC-130 gunship. 

We at PCG like a bit of Dark Souls roleplay: Andy wanders about in the soiled trousers of a fallen knight, Tom emotes while waiting for lifts and I like to pontificate while dressed as the Pope. None of us have quite nailed the distinctive playstyle of a 55-ton airborne war machine.

The human AC-130 doesn't have the dull sheen of Lockheed's classic model, but he definitely flies and unleashes a hail of dummy bombs and shrapnel fire through exclusively visual targeting.

As expected, the AC-130 performs well against medieval knights.