Daily Show host Trevor Noah confirms Battlefield 5 reveal coming next week

A Battlefield 1 Easter egg that was discovered last week pointed a very big finger toward a Battlefield announcement of some sort on May 23. Today, Daily Show host Trevor Noah confirmed the rumor and revealed that he will be hosting the event, for some reason. And yes, it will be Battlefield 5. 

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Noah doesn't actually say that it's Battlefield 5, referring to the event only as a "Battlefield live reveal." But the tweet describes it as "V EXCITING!" and at the end of the video, he says, "We've got big news. You don't want to miss it—trust me," and then takes a drink from a coffee cup with a big "V" painted on it, that just so happens to be strategically pointed directly at the camera.

"V" is the Roman numeral for 5, by the way.

As for why Noah got the job of hosting the reveal, "gamer," he says in the video, is his "main job." (I wonder how that pays?) He gives away nothing about what's in store for the Battlefield, however (aside from that "V") but previous rumors have indicated that it will be set in the Second World War, and that BF1 Easter egg has some people wondering if perhaps EA will try to take a bite out of Call of Duty's Zombies action. I don't think that's terribly likely, but a battle royale mode? It's not exactly timely, but I won't be at all surprised if it happens anyway.

Update: Literally seconds after this post went live, so did this:

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So there you have it. Battlefield 5 is now fully and officially confirmed. 

Andy Chalk

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