This year's Battlefield is rumored to be set during World War 2

We know a new Battlefield game is releasing this year: publisher EA confirmed as much in January. So the most pressing question now is what kind of Battlefield game it will be, and according to new rumors, the October instalment will be set during World War 2.

That's according to anonymous sources "familir with EA's plans", speaking to GamesBeat. The sources claim the game will be called Battlefield V (because DICE and EA don't care about numbers running in order!), which is a name decided recently following the internal use of 'Battlefield 2'. 

And here's the reported logo, leaked earlier today on reddit.

US Gamer has heard similar. They report that sources have confirmed "loot boxes are back but cosmetic only. Way more customization options for your soldiers than previous games." As they note, cosmetic-centric loot boxes featured in Battlefield 1, too.

It makes sense that World War 2 would follow a World War 1 setting, though I had quietly suspected EA might release something more akin to Battlefield: Hardline this year (ie, a spin-off). But given that game's multiplayer component was consistently overshadowed by its predecessor Battlefield 4, it makes sense that DICE and EA would want to return to the series' roots. And it won't be long before we hear more: DICE's senior video director Randy Evans tweeted this week that the game's reveal trailer is underway.

And besides: Battlefield 1 has been a runaway success: it had been played by more than 21 million users as of July last year.

Shaun Prescott

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