D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die demo and DLC detailed

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is apparently a rather strange game—"bonkers," as Tom described it when the PC version was revealed back in April. Is it the sort of strangeness you want to dig into? Today's release of a free demo means you can find out without having to fork over any cash.

The D4 demo is a big one, clocking in at 2.4GB, but Access Games recommended that the curious but uncertain give it a shot, to ensure the game will run properly on their PCs. It also released a full breakdown of the D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die DLC (or, as I like to call it, 6D) pricing, which is as follows:

- D4: Special Costume Set - $2.99
- D4: Special Art Book - $4.99
- D4: Season One Voice Over Script - $4.99
- D4: Mini Soundtrack - $3.99

All of the above DLC can be had in a bundle for $16, or as part of the D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Deluxe Edition, which will go for $30. Two pieces of "special DLC," Swery's Choice Costume Set and Swery's Choice Costume Set , are also available for $1 each. The base game, without any of the above content, will cost $15.

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die debuts on June 4. The demo is out now at D4-game.com. Our review is inbound next week.

Andy Chalk

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