D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die coming to PC


SWERY, or Swery65, or Hidetaka Suehiro to his mam, made a game called Deadly Premonition—probably the best bonkers game I find too tedious to actually play. His most recent is the equally bonkers D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, released exclusively on the Xbox One last year. Well that's coming to PC, as hinted at last month, but confirmed around an hour ago by Swery himself on Twitter.

"Yes. D4 will be release for PC. #ThanksObama", Swery tweeted in response to a query about a Famitsu interview that appears to confirm the same thing, but in Japanese.

D4 is an episodic adventure game starring a private investigator able to project himself through time. It used Kinect in a big way, but you could also play it with a controller, and I remember people at the time of release saying that was their preferred method. Two episodes have been released so far (they were packaged together on Xbox One), with no confirmation yet of any more—hopefully the PC release means the series will continue. (Thanks, NeoGAF.)

Tom Sykes

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