Cyberpunk 2077 will have a New Game Plus mode

(Image credit: CD Projekt)

Cyberpunk 2077 won't let you see everything in a single playthrough, with the choices you make killing off other paths you might have taken, and it looks like CD Projekt Red has other plans to get players to stick around for round two. Though only hinted at before, a New Game Plus mode has been confirmed. 

The confirmation came out of a preview with Polish magazine PSX Extreme (cheers, Reddit). While the preview covers a lot of the same ground as most of the previews since E3, this is the first time CD Projekt Red has mentioned that it's actually working on a New Game Plus mode. Unfortunately, it's not ready to share any other details. 

PSX Extreme's preview also touched on V's apartment, which will be a place you see see a lot, though you won't be able to do any interior decorating. Given the way the future is heading, it's highly unlikely that anyone in Cyberpunk 2077 owns their own home, so decorating is probably some fancy luxury. 

Elsewhere, the preview digs into the skill system, NPC relationships and what happens if you try to steal a car and get caught. And while it's not new information, my heart was broken once again at the news we won't be able to get a dog because most of the dogs are dead. If we can pal around with a hologram of Keanu, though, maybe we'll be able to befriend some holographic pooches. 

Fraser Brown
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