Cyberpunk 2077 Restricted Data Terminal locations: How to get Relic Points

Cyberpunk 2077 Restricted Data Terminal in Terra Cognita
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The Cyberpunk 2077 Restricted Data Terminals are one of the new collectibles you'll find hidden throughout the ruined, warring district of Dogtown, and they're important if you want to try out those new Relic skills that Songbird unlocked for you. Whether it's zooming from foe to foe with Mantis Blades, or falcon punching enemies to bits with your Gorilla Arms, the new Relic ability node is very powerful.

Songbird gives you three Relic Points when she first unlocks the node early in the main quest, plus another three during the Birds With Broken Wings quest later in the game. Otherwise, you're on your own, and you'll have to locate these big yellow boxes and extract their Operational Data to get more. All that said, here are the Restricted Data Terminal locations in Dogtown that I've discovered so far.

EBM Petrochem Stadium terminal

From the stadium fast travel point, head straight into the market. Run past all of the stores, down the stairs into the area with the tank on the podium, and up the stairs on the other side. You'll see three American footballer statues straight ahead behind some vending machines. Just to the right of them is a small gap in some scaffolding through which you can see the yellow terminal. The easiest way to grab this one is during the Dog Eat Dog quest when you first enter Dogtown via the stadium market.

Golden Pacific terminal

From the Golden Pacific fast travel point, take the road straight on, turn left, then right, before carrying on until you see a concrete overpass with a set of stairs to your left. Climb these and look to your left at the top to see the terminal just past some ruined cars and junk. You can grab this easily during the Hole in the Sky mission when you sneak past the Barghest checkpoint to get to Space Force One.

Terra Cognita terminal

This one is inside the Increased Criminal Activity scav den in the Terra Cognita area in south Dogtown. From the Terra Cognita fast travel point, head up the stairs through the main gates, then look to your right for a building with big "Die die die" and "Mercy is for the weak" graffiti painted on the outside. Once the hideout is clear—be wary of the Arasaka drone boss —take the escalators to the left of the main entrance all the way up to the top floor. There, you'll find a store just to your left with the terminal inside.

Kress Street terminal

This one is very easy to grab—from the Kress Street fast travel point, turn left to find the terminal immediately ahead. You can also grab this while exiting Myer's hideout by simply hitting the ground floor button when you take the elevator down.

Luxor High Wellness Spa terminal

This terminal is in the Increased Criminal Activity Voodoo Boys hideout in north Dogtown. From the Luxor High Wellness Spa fast travel point, head straight on towards where you can see the glass-covered bridge between the buildings, then jump up into it from the opposite side, watching out for the mines and turret. You'll find yourself in a big open room with the terminal tucked away behind a pillar near some broken deck chairs.  

Slider's hideout terminal

This one is very easy to find since it's just off to the side of the road outside Slider's hideout. From the Luxor High Wellness Spa fast travel point, call your car, and take the road heading right until you reach an underpass with some scavs hanging out on the left underneath it. The terminal is just behind them, tucked into the alcove.

Heavy Hearts terminal

From the Golden Pacific fast travel point, drive towards the Heavy Hearts pyramid until you come to the monument with the roundabout. Turn right and carry on a little way until you see the ruined building with the Calliente sign. The terminal is located in the destroyed top section of the building you can see from the street. Climb up around the outside and, being wary of mines, you'll find the terminal up a staircase just after a crashed trauma team ship.

Longshore Stacks terminal

This terminal is located in the Increased Criminal Activity Barghest den, underground near the Longshore Stacks market. From the Kress Street fast travel point, turn right, and follow underneath the curving highway to find a Barghest hideout. You'll have to fight your way through to get to this terminal. Once you're in the long, excavated tunnel, you're almost there—just turn left as you come out of it to find a locked room you can break open with the terminal inside.

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