Cyberpunk 2077 looks great as a PS1 game

If you've ever wondered what Cyberpunk 2077 would look like if it came out in 1995 instead of 2020, you've now got your answer. Bearly Regal, who creates remakes and demakes for his YouTube channel, has posted a 'mini tour' of Cyberpunk 2077's Night City reimagined as a PS1 game. Check out the teaser above and stick around to see how it was made. 

Bearly Regal creates his remakes and demakes using Minecraft, Lego Worlds and, more recently, Dreams. The latter is where he built Cyberpunk 2077. It's a shame it's a PS4 exclusive, as I've seen some really impressive games coming out of it and imagine PC modders and creative types would have a field day. 

The teaser is brief, but you'll spot a lot more cool details during Bearly Regal's walkthrough of the demo. It looks both surprisingly true to Cyberpunk 2077's E3 2018 demo and a PS1 game, though Bearly Regal says it's still early days. 

At the 12:40 mark, you can see more of the work-in-progress Night City, including hover cars, but it's clearly in a much earlier state than the first section. The streets are pretty quiet, though Keanu is already there, hanging around. 

It looks great and I clearly need to get Dreams. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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