Cyberpunk 2077 ends trailer breakdown series with fast cars and fancy clothes

Part of the reason I've covered Cyberpunk 2077's E3 trailer frame-by-frame series in its entirety, is because CD Projekt Red hasn't yet released footage from its E3 demo. Leaked audio is fine, but I've since been keen to learn more about the FPS/RPG hybrid from the dev's perspective. The series' final breakdown looks at cars and clothes. 

The quad exhaust, Nightrider-esque car features in the trailer above at 1.21.

"Speed is a major theme in Cyberpunk 2077," explains CD Projekt Red. "For many, it’s just a way of life. The city moves fast, so keep up or get blown back. Any edgerunner will tell you: If you stop, you die—Night City waits for no one."

Onto the shot we've seen loads of so far—the leather jacket-wearing man, leaning against the car featured above, puffing a ciggie and looking onto the Night City skyline.

"Our protagonist’s well-worn bomber jacket oozes style, but that’s not it’s only purpose," says the blog. "Like most fashion choices in Night City, the jacket is also designed to be functional, offering the ability to connect the character to different forms of tech."

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