Cute animals murder each other adorably in this battle royale game

It's cute when animals act like people. Like when a dog stands on its hind legs or a cat watches TV or a monkey wears a hat or a sloth picks up a sniper rifle and shoots a panda through the head. Animals, they're just like us! In Super Animal Royale, which comes to Steam Early Access in October, they're definitely just like us, fighting to the death until only one remains.

It's both cute as heck and brutal as hell, as you can see in the trailer above. On the cute side, there's even a hamster ball you can use as a rolling weapon in the 64-player top-down skirmishes. Adorable! And if the idea of woodland animals murdering each other seems distasteful, watch a nature documentary sometime. Animals are pretty awful to one another in general.

Super Animal Royale is currently in closed alpha. If you're looking for access, visit the official site for instructions. In the meantime, have a gander at some screens below.

(Image credit: Valve)
Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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