Conquer CS:GO's Inferno map as Terrorists

Simple but effective B-take

For this round you will need at least two smokes (if you buy more you can use them in mid to fake A or save them to buy more time after the bomb plant). Don't forget to pick up a few flashbangs. A molotov can be really useful to clear sandbags in banana. Either you're gonna toast the enemy hiding there or he's going to look down the barrels of your AK47s, say a quick prayer and embrace the afterlife.

Once you have taken control over banana you will smoke off CT-spawn and spools.

Flash over the roof and towards CT-spawn before you push. The first guy to go in will clear first, second and new box and eventually shadows, like this:

Assign one or two players to make sure the defenders can't attack through the smokes. The bomb carrier will plant the bomb on the grill since you have control over the banana side of the site. This way, any counter-terrorist trying to defuse the bomb will be a sitting duck when you take the peek from any angle, including banana.

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