Take control over CS:GO’s Cache map as Terrorists

Cool flash from squeaky

For one reason or another you decide that you want to try your luck at A. Card counting might be illegal and can get you a lot of trouble—if you get caught that is. This flash from squeaky can shift the odds in your favor:

This flash is especially effective if combined with a smoke towards highway. It's a lot harder to turn away from a flash that you can't see. You can potentially flash enemies behind forklift, on catwalk, on site or behind quad, with one flashbang. Use the flash to push out from door and clear the site. Trust your teammates to take care of any counter-terrorists lurking in the area around forklift. This gives you a fast and effective access to A-site.

Molotovs are great if you want to clear areas without having to push too far. If you assign two players to throw these molotovs you can clear both quad and NBK:

This leaves you with two fewer spots to worry about when you take the site. You'll only have to clear site, catwalk and forklift which shouldn't be a problem if you still have five players alive (assuming you smoked off the area between forklift and the red container).

Smokes on B

B-site can be tricky to take if you don't know whether there's someone lurking in vent or not. If you get taken by surprise by a timed backstab from vent, your attack might get slowed down enough to allow the rotation to arrive before you get the bomb down. Again, mid control is very helpful. You should have at least one guy going checkers to clear vent and all the corners in there. His job is also to make sure his teammates don't get flanked while throwing their smokes.

These two smokes can be really effective, especially if you're facing an AWP on either upper or lower.

Plant and post-plant positions

Once you have taken control over a site you have to assess the situation. Do we have enough time to plant the bomb out in the open before the rotation moves in? If yes you should try to get the bomb down in one of these spots:

CSGO Cache Plant Spots

If you on the other hand think that there is a risk the CTs will get there in time, you should plant in a safer spot. Better safe than sorry. This will however leave you with fewer options for post-plant positions. For instance, you don't want to find yourself in a one on one situation where you are in checkers with sweaty palms, feeling the pressure from your team while the bomb is planted behind one of the boxes on B-site. You can hear the defuse, you hesitate for a second, decide to go for it but you don't make it in time. Not only did you fail to stop the defuse, you also lost your precious weapon and armor.

If you plant in one of the spots shown above, an otherwise bad post-plant position can turn into a really strong one. This is especially true for A-main on A and checkers on B.

As you can see there are many factors that decide the outcome of a round. Hopefully you can use your new knowledge to your advantage. Good luck out there!

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