Crypt of the Necrodancer, Downwell, Broforce lead this week's Steam sale

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Although modest compared to last week's mammoth sale, the latest weekly Steam sale (opens in new tab) is still plenty big at over 300 games. Among them are three great indies, which are marked down by up to 80 percent through Monday, November 20. 

The cheapest is Downwell (opens in new tab), a 2D action game about collecting items and bouncing on bad guys while falling down a well. At 66 percent off, it's just $1. Which, as Tom will tell you (opens in new tab), is a steal for the absorbing hidden depth that this reverse-shmup offers.

Crypt of the Necrodancer (opens in new tab) boasts the biggest discount of the three at 80 percent off. The base game is $3, and as we said in our review (opens in new tab), is both an excellent roguelike and a great rhythm action game. 

Necrodancer enthusiasts will also find a selection of add-ons on the cheap, chief among them the Amplified prequel DLC (opens in new tab), which introduces a new playable character and a fresh dungeon to explore. The slightly discounted Necrodancer Amplified Pack (opens in new tab) is available for $7, while the DLC itself is under $5 at 33 percent off. A medley of soundtracks and extras are also available for $1 to $3 each, with the $21 Necrodancer Ultimate Pack (opens in new tab)offering the best deal on the lot. 

Finally, there's BroForce (opens in new tab), a raucous, raunchy riff on action movies. It's a tongue-in-cheek 2D action game that Joe found to be (opens in new tab) both funny and fun despite its predictability. At 75 percent off, it's just under $4. Bizarrely, however, the BroForce four-pack still costs $45 according to its Steam listing. 

Austin Wood
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