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Crusader Kings Chronicles: Lords of the North, Chapter 1

Some historical perspective

The year is 867 A.D., a transitional period between the Early and High Middle Ages, and the height of the Viking Age. Like in CK2's default start date of 1066, the conflict between Christianity and Islam is a defining trait of the age... but there are still many who refuse to follow the Abrahamic god in any of his forms.

Northern and Eastern Europe are still staunchly rooted in the old pagan faiths that would be slowly burned away by the passage of time. Where our story begins, on the sweeping fjords of Norway, the Norse people still pray to Odin, Frey, Thor, and the other ancient gods of the North. With fire and steel, they sail the waves in their dreaded dragonships, raiding the coasts of Christian Europe and conquering new realms...