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Crusader Kings Chronicles: Lords of the North, Chapter 1

Seven days after Midsummer, after nearly 60 days at sea, Þórólfr's band arrived in the land of the Lettigallians. They beached their ships and leaped out onto the sand, marching for the nearest village with a fury in their hearts stoked by the wicked King Haraldr's treachery.

Settlements burned, and valuables were carried back by the armloads as the Balts fled from their homes before the terror of the Norsemen. The raiders continued their foray down the Daugva river, the shallow drafts of the longships allowing them passage. They were met by a paltry force under the local chief near the town of Rezekne, but the unworthy warriors caused them no grief. The Northmen's shield wall held, and the Balts dashed their numbers against it.

Eleven Norsemen entered Valhall across two skirmishes, while some 60 of the enemy were left bleeding on their own soil. Emboldened, Þórólfr's host crossed the river into the land of the Zemigallians and the Curonians to find yet more plunder. They met no resistance, as the local chieftains feared to even raise their armies against the Northern scourge. From there, the ships headed back West, raiding the Pommeranians on the northern coast of the mainland.