Crusader Kings Chronicles: Lords of the North, Chapter 1

I created Þórólfr in CK2´s ruler designer to carve out glory from one of the coldest, harshest backwaters in all of Europe. At 35, he has risen to rule over the hardy people of Nordland. With only one holding, he has no vassals sworn to him. He is unmarried, with no sons... something we will have to fix in a hurry.

Þórólfr has a set of hand-picked Traits, which will affect his stats, and how other characters feel about him:

He is known to his people as a Skilled Tactician on the battlefield, Bright of mind, driven by Ambition but tempered by Patience. He is not without flaws, however, as he is prone to Cruelty and Drunkenness, allows his Lust to get the better of him, and is a bit too Trusting for his own good. He also carries a Wound from the battles with other petty chiefs that bought him his right to rule.

Like most of Scandinavia at this time, Þórólfr follows the old Norse gods—Thor, Odin, Frey, and the rest. In the distant South, the devotees of the White Christ and the Prophet Mohammed seek to spread their ways to the pagans of Europe. Þórólfr laughs at such notions. One day, he will be king. And the Old Ways will be defended to the last under his reign.