Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 3: 1086-1096

Treachery grows

August 13, 1090: With Roscommon set to fall, Countess Der-Lugdach turns on Duke Brian and declares Breifne independent. The Duke smiles as he reads over her proclamation.

Huzzah! I've been waiting for that shrew to give me a reason to brand her a traitor, and now I have one. We'll retake Connacht and Breifne, and imprison my greatest political opponents in due time. My realm will have never been stronger.

October 8, 1090: Der-Lugdach besieges Thomond with some 300 men. Duke Brian is confident that it will hold until Roscommon falls.

October 17, 1090: The Munsterians take Roscommon and occupy Connacht. Duke Brian's remaining 700-odd men rush south to relieve the siege at Thomond.

November 7, 1090: While the Munsterians battle Der-Lugdach, King Erik of Denmark has the audacity to call Duke Brian, his brother in law, to war against some petty Saaremaa chieftain in the Batlics. Though he has never aided Munster when called, Duke Brian sends a tersely-worded message of support.

This could be seen as exploitative, but essentially, there's almost no reason to turn down a call to arms. If I do, I lose prestige. If I don't, I'm under no formal obligation to send troops. The only bad that could come of it is that it turns me immediately hostile with Erik's enemies. They're half a world away, and I'd almost like to see them try to sail past the Danish armada and land troops in Ireland. We'll be ready.

November 22, 1090: 200 Brefineans are cut down at the Battle of Bunratty to only 69 Munsterian loyalists. The might of both rebels has been crushed, and peace is on the horizon.

December 15, 1090: Nearly half of the remaining Breifnean rebels are killed at Kildare. Énna and Der-Lugdach manage to muster a combined force to besiege Thomond, but their numbers are not near enough to take the great keep.

January 3, 1091: Duke Brian learns from his spymaster that the duchess, Princess Sigrid of Denmark, seeks to see him dead. This doesn't come as as much of a shock as it might have, considering Brian's affair with Gormlaith and going to war against their legitimate children, but it makes his heart heavy nonetheless. Duke Brian speaks with his wife and convinces her to abandon her plot.

January 27, 1091: It is a glorious day for Munster, as King Malcolm of Scotland agrees to send aid in bringing down the rebels. He lands over 1000 men in Ireland, and they march to meet Duke Brian's host.

March 23, 1091: Der-Lugdach's garrison at Dromahair sallies forth against the Scots and the Munsterians, to no avail.

June 21, 1091: Duke Brian and King Malcolm capture Dromahair. The Scots depart in good faith, while the Munsterians march back south to deal with what remains of the rebels in Thomond.