Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 3: 1086-1096

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Énna's Rebellion

July 14, 1089: Duke Brian's second daughter, Dubchoclaigh, is born... to Gormlaith.

Well, we certainly didn't waste any time on that one. Her husband is going to hate me either way, so I decide to legitimize the child into House ua Brian. This will make Gormlaith very happy, and my wife Sigrid not so happy.

This being the same Sigrid that has been known to plot murders on a semi-regular basis. So, that might not be the greatest decision I've ever made.

Wow, this girl is a craaazy amazing fighter. The only problem is that females can't fill council positions (with the exception of spymaster), nor can they, to my knowledge, lead troops unless they are a head of state. Luckily, any children she has and/or educates are likely to inherit her supernal fighting skill. I just wish the historical restrictions didn't prevent me from using her as the total badass field commander she deserves to be.

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December 15, 1089: Earl Énna of Connacht rebels against his father, raising armies to secure County Connact's independence. Duke Brian gravely raises 907 men to put his son's misguided ambitions to rest.

January 9, 1090: Earl Énna's armies surge west to Breifne, and cut down the Munsterian loyalists at the Battle of Knockaulin before the main host can arrive. It is the greatest military defeat Duke Brian has ever suffered.

February 9, 1090: With heavy hearts, Duke Brian's men crash down on their Connachtian kinsmen, slaying three for every one of their own that falls. 19 days later, the Munsterians catch the fleeing Connachtians from behind and thin their numbers further.

March 17, 1090: At the Battle of Kildare, all of Énna's remaining loyal men are killed or captured. The Earl manages to scrounge together some two score green recruits to make a final stand, but his father's army still numbers over 800 as they march on Connacht.

April 4, 1090: The last of Énna's reinforcements are slain, and the Munsterians take up the siege of Roscommon castle.

April 26, 1090: Duke Brian's eldest daughter, Annábla, grows old enough to be educated. She is sent to Máiread the Warrior Maiden, in the hopes that she will continue House ua Brian's tradition of outstanding female fighters.

July 13, 1090: After a failed sally led by Énna at Roscommon, the besieging Munsterians lose some 40 men to disease.