Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 3: 1086-1096

We sail again

March 31, 1093: Pope Celestine II dies at 46, and is succeeded by Pope Boniface VII. The world is stunned at the realization that there were at least six other people throughout history with the name Boniface.

May 4, 1093: Never resting in his conquests, King Erik of Denmark calls for Munsterian aid against High Chief Davins of the Curonians. Duke Brian sets sail with some 500 of his best men to win yet more glory.

Since I've taken Connacht and Breifne into my personal demesne rather than parcel them out, my host is now much larger.

July 2, 1093: The Munsterians come ashore at Memel and join the siege of Gargzdai, swelling Erik's army to over 6000.

Since I now make up a larger percentage of the attacking forces, I will also win an increased percentage of the prestige when we win.

July 18, 1093: Gargzdai falls, though Duke Brian loses some three score men in the fighting - the most casualties he has ever taken in an overseas battle.

August 4, 1093: The Curonian capital of Memel falls, at the cost of 40 more Irish lives. A full fifth of the Munsterian host has been lost.

September 1, 1093: Another 40 Munsterians fall to Curonian ferocity taking Kretingale, the last stronghold of the tribesmen. The war is all but won, and Duke Brian marches his remaining 361 soldiers back to their ships while King Erik awaits the High Chief's surrender.

September 5, 1093: Word reaches Duke Brian that Énna tried to escape, but was recaptured. The council seeks to throw him back in the dungeons, but Brian sends word back to leave him in his current accommodations and double the guard.

September 22, 1093: Word arrives while Brian's seafarers are resting at a wharf in Denmark that Erik's latest conquest is complete. Denmark is quickly becoming an unrivaled trans-Baltic empire.

October 16, 1093: The Munsterians return home, less nearly 150 of their brothers in arms. Duke Brian can only hope that their blood has bought King Erik's true allegiance for some dire, future need.

March 17, 1094: Princess Sigrid is found to be pregnant at 45.

Wow. Those Danish princesses apparently have a long expiration date. I suppose reuniting after I went away, possibly never to be seen again, twice in a very short time was enough to patch up that whole "I had an affair with my cousin's wife" scuffle.