Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 3: 1086-1096

Full of surprises

July 27, 1094: Énna successfully escapes his imprisonment, and comes immediately before his father to atone. Duke Brian agrees to reinstate him as the realm's cupbearer, and pay him a stipend of gold on the promise of his good behavior. The duke refuses, however, to discuss the reinstatement of a landed title until a later time.

His imprisonment seems to have softened Énna to me, and the gift of coin and an honorary title has further ingratiated him. He still has ambitions on my lands, but has grown fond enough of his father that soon, I may not have to fear any more machinations from him.

August 10, 1094: Duke Brian passes a law requiring more troop levies from cities. He sends gifts of gold to all of the affected Lord Mayors to thank them for their future contribtutions.

Again, I can only change one law every 10 years. Taxes and troop levies are governed separately for feudal holdings, cities, and bishoprics. Now, in addition to the maximum feudal levies law my father passed, we are getting much higher levies from great cities like Ormond. All the better to conquer Ireland.

My eldest son Murchad has only one daugter, Catríona, and no sons, putting this boy fourth in my line of succession. I just hope he doesn't take after his mother's family too much.

October 16, 1094: Duke Brian's third daughter (second legitimate), Aife, is born. Despite her mother's age of 46, the girl is strong and healthy.

October 25, 1094: The duke's widowed kinsman Muirchertach marries Eahdburth of Hwicce, younger sister to both Duke Estmond of Lancaster, pretender to the English crown, and Wulfryth, Saxon queen of France.

February 3, 1095: Bishop Bróen of Killaloe is murdered trying to fabricate claims on County Kildare. His title is inherited by a dutiful cleric of 25 named Ainmere. Mayor Domnall of Galway becomes the new Chancellor of Munster, and he is sent to pick up where Bróen left off.

March19, 1095: Duke Brian overcomes an illness at 46, just in time to celebrate his 10th year of rule.

It's been an eventful decade. I've put down four rebellions—two of which were instigated by the same person—jailed my own son, freed him, reconciled, led multiple successful campaigns to the Baltics, and came pretty close to being murdered by my wife after legitimizing my mistress' and my daughter. County Breifne has been made part of my realm, and I can say with confidence that House ua Brian is closer to winning a throne than it was at the end of my father's reign.

What strange turns will this Irish tale take? Come back and find out next week.