Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 3: 1086-1096

The fate of traitors

August 21, 1091: The Battle of Gowran sees the end of all rebel armies from both Énna and Der-Lugdach. Énna comes to parlay with his father the following dawn, offering surrender. His ward and younger brother, Énri, is brought home, while Énna himself is sent to his father's dungeons.

Since Énna is a traitor, I can freely revoke his lands and titles with no political ramifications. For his transgressions, though it pains me to do it, he will live out his life just like Skofte. The realm must know what becomes of rebels.

October 10, 1091: Der-Lugdach surrenders to Duke Brian for the second time. She is imprisoned and stripped of her holdings in Breifne, which Brian elects to govern himself. Munster is whole again, and its loyal sons finally stand down to return home.

Word arrives that Duke Harold II of Bedford has been put down by the Norwegians, leaving only four pretenders for the English crown.

November 26, 1091: Énna complains of his accommodations in the dungeon, and Duke Brian agrees to move him to house arrest, under guard day and night.

This will give him a higher chance of escaping, if he is so inclined, but it will also improve his relations with me. It may not be too late to turn this wayward son to my cause.

January 28, 1092: Young Énri, former ward of the traitor Énna, is sent to be fostered by his loyal brother, Lord Murchad, in Ormond.

April 2, 1092: King Erik of Denmark calls for Munster's arms once again, this time against the Livonians. Duke Brian agrees to sail with his personal host, hoping to recapture the glory of his father's Baltic Company and seeking any escape from the dour, broken family of his homeland. 320 loyal Munsterians embark on the 20th of the month.

April 25, 1092: Word arrives to Duke Brian at sea that the Mayor of Limerick is pressing for lowered taxes. Brian instructs his councilors to bribe the man to shut up about it.

June 3, 1092: After 40 days at sea, Duke Brian's men come ashore in Livonia to join the nearly 6000 Erik has brought to besiege Wenden.

June 18, 1092: Wenden raises the white flag, though over 400 men (including 13 Irishmen) are lost when the defenders sally forth.

July 8, 1092: Duke Brian loses another 22 men at the siege of Üxküll. Erik assures his assembled allies that surrender will come soon from High Chief Toivo. Believing he can handle the rest alone, he bids them return home in glory.

July 29, 1092: While at port in Norway on the way back to Ireland, Duke Brian's men get word that King Erik is victorious.

I have followed in my father Duke Murchad's footsteps, and returned home in one piece. Perhaps now that he has been aided by two generations of ua Brians, King Erik the Fairweather Friend will be more likely to send aid when we are in need.

August 21, 1092: Duke Brian's host arrives back in Ireland, less 35 brave fighters who breathed their last far from home. The survivors return to their families.