Blast zombies and sharks from an armored Cadillac in metal rhythm shooter Double Kick Heroes

Double Kick Heroes caught my eye last year with its flashy shooting, Mad Max-esque world and colorful metal band members (and by being one of the few rhythm games suitable for our Indie GIF Showcase, but I digress). Today, developer Headbang Club announced Double Kick Heroes is Steam-bound: it will launch in Early Access on April 11.

Double Kick Heroes stars Lincoln, Snake, Derek, Randie and James, musicians who "live in an apocalyptic world where their favorite rock stars are scattered all around the world." So, with the help of their fabulously lethal Gundillac, they've got to plow through 30 metal-infused, rhythm-powered, shoot-'em-up levels. 

Hitting different beats powers up different weapons, which you'll need to use to fend off hordes of zombies and shark engineers, not to mention a few bosses. You can also import your own music and build levels to match it using the level editor. You don't have to use metal songs, but Headbang Club really, really recommends you do.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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