Crucial's 2TB MX500 is a great SSD deal at $200, its lowest price yet

(Image credit: Crucial)

Solid state drives just keep getting cheaper... and cheaper... and cheaper still. Now you can get the 2TB version of Crucial's popular MX500 SSD for just $199.99 on Amazon. That's a $13 drop from the previous price, and the lowest price yet for this drive.

This is a 2.5-inch SATA SSD, so it will fit into every desktop or laptop with a spare SATA slot. While it's not as fast as more expensive NVMe drives, this drive is still an excellent option for upgrading an older PC or storing games. You can also buy a cheap external enclosure to turn this into a portable SSD.

The MX500 is still one of the best SSDs around, thanks to its excellent price-to-performance value. If you're looking for a different drive that's also on sale (maybe an NVMe one?), go have a look at our SSD deals roundup.

Crucial MX500 2TB | $199.99 (~$13 off)

Crucial MX500 2TB | $199.99 (~$13 off)
This is an excellent deal on one of the best SATA SSDs available. It's just $0.10 per GB.

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