Criterion interested in bringing back Road Rash, get your chains at the ready

Speaking to The Guardian - and to the part of me that would whack someone with a chain for a new Road Rash - Criterion's Craig Sullivan expressed an interest in the Burnout/Need for Speed developer tackling the '90s bike-violence classic next. It wouldn't be completely pie-in-the-sky - if you remember that Burnout publisher EA also owns the rights to Road Rash, then it suddenly makes a lot of sense.

Here's the relevant quote: "I had a lot of fun playing [Road Rash], we think bikes are fun. We might make a Road Rash game…. But then we might make a game without vehicles in it. I mean, we made Black, I was the lead designer – we might make a game about blowing the crap out of each other!"

However, as the Guardian puts it, he then 'pauses and smiles, before pointedly adding, "but Road Rash seems like a good fit for Criterion…" I'm surprised he didn't accompany that with a wink.

If you've forgotten what Road Rash looks like, have a watch of the following video, preferably after muting the hideous soundtrack.

Tom Sykes

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