Creator of defunct skyship MMO Worlds Adrift is trying again with a co-op survival game where 'your skyship is your home in the clouds'

If you miss the sandbox of floating islands, customizable airships, and grappling hooks found in Worlds Adrift—the MMO from Bossa Games that shut down in 2019—you're about to get another chance to sail the winds and swing around. The developer of I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator are taking another stab the sky with a new co-op survival game coming next year.

Lost Skies, announced today at the Humble Games Showcase, is an open world co-op adventure for 1-6 players. Like Worlds Adrift, you'll be free to explore the world, construct customizable airships, and yes, use a grappling hook and paragliders to visit the floating islands you discover.

"With a vast world to explore, you’ll need to build your own skyship to navigate the open skies. Lost Skies’ unique ship crafting system allows you to intricately shape your ship's hull, and freely place parts where you want, taking care to consider the quality and weight of the materials you use. Not only is your skyship your home in the clouds, it is also your warship to take into battle and survive treacherous weather," says Bossa Games.

The world beneath you has been shattered, and you'll need to set out and explore the ruins, collect resources to upgrade your ship and your character, survive ferocious storms, solve puzzles, and battle creatures. Along the way you can unravel the story behind the destruction of the world beneath you.

Lost Skies is planned for 2024, but it sounds like there are some alpha and beta tests planned for the community ahead of launch. "Using our open development method, we’ll be sharing with our community through every stage of development," Henrique Olifiers, co-founder of Bossa Games, said in a press release sent to PC Gamer. "Just as players will work together to explore the shattered world of floating islands, we’ll be working with them, using their feedback to inform our creative process, and including their designs in the game itself." 

You can visit the official site for more information, and check out a few screenshots in the gallery below.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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