Creative Assembly teases a new third-person 'action project'

total war three kingdoms
(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

Creative Assembly, who you'll mostly know for the impossible breadth and depth of its library of strategy games, has announced that it's working on a new project to "sit alongside Total War, Hyenas and the studio’s other yet-to-be announced project". What's more, it's specifically looking for help from developers "with experience working on third-person titles using the Unreal 5 engine".

The new project was announced in a post released earlier today on the Creative Assembly website. It's all pretty mysterious, though. Aside from saying that a new project is underway and implying that it's going to be a third-person title, the studio says it'll be keeping shtum about further details for a while yet.

In a bid to reassure strategy fans that might worry about one of the genre's most stalwart devs branching out, the announcement concludes with a statement that Creative Assembly's Sofia studio will continue to maintain a team dedicated to working on future Total War projects.

Personally, I'm more excited about the prospect of Creative Assembly getting experimental than I am for yet another Total War entry. I'm a sucker for grand strategy, but for whatever reason the more military-focused games they put out have never grabbed me quite as firmly as the expansive diplomatic and political simulations that you get from Paradox. On the other hand, Alien: Isolation was one of my favourite experiences of the last ten years. Here's hoping that the studio can pull off that trick again with whatever this third-person title turns out to be.

This new project isn't the only non-strategy product that Creative Assembly has in the pipeline. It's currently accepting signups for the alpha of Hyenas, a new multiplayer shooter that promises zero-G battles, fast-paced battles, and… "epic merch"? Sure, okay. I might just wait and see what this other project is, if I'm honest.

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