Corsair’s newest mechanical keyboards come with a bunch of Cherry MX options

Part of the process of selecting a mechanical keyboard is knowing which key switch you prefer, and then finding a plank that uses your switch of choice. That's not always easy—a lot of mechanical keyboards on the market only offer one or two switch types. That's the not the case with Corsair's new K70 RGB MK.2, which offers five different Cherry MX key switches to choose from.

The K70 RGB MK.2 is one two new keyboard models from Corsair, the other being the Strafe RGB MK.2. Both offer amenities like pre-key RGB lighting, 8MB of onboard memory to save custom profiles, and dedicated keys. However, it's the K70 RGB MK.2 that boasts a fistful of switch types.

Specifically, users can choose between Cherry MX Red (smooth and linear), Brown (light bump), Blue (tactile click), Speed (smooth and fast), and Silent (smooth and quiet). Check out our guide on key switches for more details on these and other types.

We haven't spent any time with Corsair's newest planks, though two of the company's other models—K95 RGB Platinum and K65 RGB—made our recently refreshed list of the best gaming keyboards.

The K70 RGB MK.2 is similar to both, with a brushed aluminum frame available in black, or a special edition silver SKU. It also comes with textured FPS and MOBA keycaps, a soft-touch wrist rest, and a USB pass-through port.

As for the Strafe RGB MK.2, it comes with textured keycaps as well. The main differences are that it's made of plastic instead of aluminum, and offered in two key switches, Cherry MX Red and Silent.

The Strafe RGB MK.2 is available now for $139.99 with Cherry MX Red switches and $149.99 for the Cherry MX Speed model. So is the K70 RGB MK.2, priced at $159.99 for the Cherry MX Blue, Red, and Brown, and $169.99 for the Cherry MX Speed and Silent.

Paul Lilly

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