Corsair turns up the brightness on its newest wireless gaming keyboard

(Image credit: Corsair)

Adding RGB lighting to a peripheral is apparently no longer enough. While Corsair's new K57 gaming keyboard does have RGB lighting, as you might expect, it is also touting a much higher brightness level than what you'll get from conventional LEDs.

How so? Corsair dipped into the same bin of Capellix LEDs it uses on its Dominator Platinum RGB memory modules and outfitted them to the K57. As such, it shines up to 60 percent brighter than regular LEDs, and are 60 percent more efficient as well, according to Corsair.

This is Corsair's first keyboard to use these particular LEDs. The K57 is also a wireless plank, and thanks to the power efficiency of the Capellix LEDs, Corsair says battery life is good for up to 35 hours on a single charge with RGB lighting enabled. Turn them off and battery life jumps to a claimed 175 hours.

Those metrics apply to when connecting the keyboard using Corsair's Slipstream wireless (2.4GHz) technology. For gaming, that looks to be the way to go, with Corsair also touting a sub-1ms wireless latency. It can also connect via Bluetooth, which bumps battery life up to 40 hours with RGB lighting, and 200 hours without.

Other features include dedicated media controls, a set of six gaming keys, and the option to go with a wired USB connection.

On paper, it's an interesting plank, albeit of the rubber dome variety. We generally prefer mechanical keyboards. Our friends at Toms Hardware spent some hands-on time with the K57 and found the typing experience to be "subpar," though it also "worked well in-game."

For those who are interested, you can order the K57 RGB wireless keyboard now for $99.99 direct from Corsair.

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