Corsair to debut RGB memory modules at CES 2017

Not everyone is willing to spend a premium on faster clocked system memory that might only return negligible performance gains, but will enthusiasts open up their wallets to RAM kits with RGB lighting? Corsair aims to find out.

The memory maker posted an image on its Twitter account teasing the upcoming launch of new RAM kits with RGB lighting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.

"We're so excited about what we're bringing to CES 2017 we're positively glowing over it," Corsair stated.

It appears that RGB lighting on system memory is becoming a trend. Geil already offers RGB memory kits, though its offerings require additional power connectors. G.Skill did one better by recently announcing new flagship Trident Z memory kits with RGB lighting that draw the necessary power directly from the DIMM slots they're plugged into, and now Corsair is jumping on board the brightly lit bandwagon.

Corsair did not share any other details, such as whether its kits will also draw power from the DIMM slots to light up the LEDs and whether users will be able to customize the lighting effects.

What's the consensus on this? Are you looking forward to more RAM kits with RGB lighting to add bling to your PC, or do you find this trend too gaudy?

Paul Lilly

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