Corsair releases a 'smart' mid-tower case with three included RGB fans for $149

(Image credit: Corsair)

Computer cases are getting smarter these days, which is a way of saying there are more options shipping with integrated RGB lighting controls. That describes Corsair's new iCue 465X RGB. It's a mid-tower PC case with three included 120mm RGB fans and a Lighting Node Core controller bundled into the mix.

That latter bit is a pricey accessory on its own—it's basically an integrated version of the Lighting Node Pro that Corsair sells for $64.99. It supports up to six RGB fans without the need for a fan hub, and works in conjunction with Corsair's iCue software to enable lighting effects with little hassle.

There are two 4mm tempered glass panels on the 465X, including one on the side to show off your PC, and one in front. Both provide edge-to-edge coverage. For anyone who is concerned about airflow because of the front panel, Corsair points out that it's pushed forward with "wide ventilation gaps" to draw cool air into the case.

For additional cooling, there is room for up to six 120mm fans in all. Alternatively, the case supports multiple liquid cooling radiators in sizes up to 360mm.

Here are pertinent specs at a glance:

  • Max GPU length—370mm (14.57 inches)
  • Max PSU length—180mm (7.08 inches)
  • Max CPU cooler height—170mm (6.69 inches)
  • Expansion slots—7+2 vertical
  • Drive bays—4x 2.5-inch, 2x 3.5-inch
  • Dimensions—467 x 216 x 455mm (18.39 x 8.5 x 17.91 inches)

The 465X also features three dust removable filters to prevent dust bunnies from taking up residence—they're located in the front, top, and floor of the case.

Corsair is selling the 465X in white and black color options, both priced at $149.99.

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