Cooler Master's super-light mouse is now on sale for $30

Cooler Master MM720 mouse
Cooler Master MM720 mouse (Image credit: Cooler Master)

Cooler Master is perhaps best known for its fans, power supplies, and other internal PC hardware, but the company also sells external accessories. The Cooler Master MM720 was released last year as an incredibly lightweight mouse, at just 49 grams, with a starting price of $50. Now you can buy one from Amazon-owned Woot for $30.

This is a lightweight mouse with the same honeycomb-like design we've seen in a few other mice recently — it reduces the mouse's weight by nearly half while retaining the same structural support. The cable is also lightweight, and the built-in sensor is adjustable up to 32,000 DPI.

Cooler Master MM720 | 32000 DPI | $29.99 (save $19)

Cooler Master MM720 | 32000 DPI | $29.99 (save $19)
This lightweight mouse is currently on sale at Amazon-owned for $30, which is $19 below the usual price. Amazon Prime members get free standard shipping.

The rest of the feature list is comparable to other wired mice in this price range. You can change the button mappings with Cooler Master's desktop software, the mouse feet can be easily swapped, and of course, there's a customizable RGB light on the top. The only downside is that this mouse definitely won't work for left-handed folks.

If the MM720 isn't quite what you're looking for, have a look at our other picks for the best light gaming mouse. We also have some options for the best gaming mouse in general, if weight isn't important to you.

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