Cooler Master's new MM720 gaming mouse is crazy light at 49g

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A blueprint is emerging for ultra-lightweight gaming mouse—poke a bunch of holes in the casing and see where that gets you. Cooler Master did exactly that with its new MM720 and got to a scant 49 grams.

That is incredibly light for a gaming mouse. In my search for comparisons, I was led to some makes and models I have never heard of before, like the G-Wolves Hati S Stardust (49 grams, $85) and FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town (47 grams, $120). And surprise-surprise, both are holey rollers (er, gliders) like the MM720. They are also more expensive.

Cooler Master's MM720 is available to preorder for $50 on Amazon, in matte black and glossy white (glossy black and matte white are coming as well). So you're looking at about a buck per gram (you can make your comparisons on that one).

If the overall shape looks familiar, it's because Cooler Master repurposed the design of its Xornet and Spawn mice. But unlike those rodents, the MM720 has a lighter honeycomb shell to make it more nimble. And like those two other mice, the MM720 is ergonomically tailored to right-handed players.

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Cooler Master also "upgraded the internals considerably," adding optical switches and a "pro-grade" 16,000 DPI sensor (PixArt PMW3389). The company also says it coats the guts of the MM720 with a material that resists dusts and water, rated and certified at IP58. The first 30,000 mice off the factory line also come with Mice Grip tape inside the box, which will be sold separately sometime down the line for $10.

There are half a dozen mouse buttons in all, counting the scroll wheel. Other features include dual-zone RGB lighting, a fixed ultraweave cable (1.8 meters), and PTFE feet.

The MM720 releases in a few weeks, on October 27.

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