Cooler Master tweaks Cosmos II to celebrate two decades of case design

Companies such as Cooler Master are a big reason why computer cases have morphed from beige boxes with sharp edges and a taste for blood to a wide variety of styles available today. While this makes us feel old, Cooler Master's been around for a quarter of a century. To celebrate the occasion, it's offering up a revised version of its Cosmos II.

The main difference between the new Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition and the original model is the addition of two curved tempered glass side panels. As shown in the picture above, both swing open in an attempt to mimic a luxury car.

"Innovation is Cooler Master's legacy, brought to life once more with these massive tempered glass panels, the first of their kind. These beautifully crafted panels blend seamlessly with the sophisticated contours of the case and give a smooth look inside the case to show off your build," Cooler Master says.

If you already own a Cosmos II and are enamored by the curved panels, Cooler Master says it will happily sell you just the doors as a separate retail product starting in the third quarter of this year, though it did not say for how much.

Other than the side panels, the Anniversary Edition has an updated design with two brushed aluminum handles and a soft brushed aluminum sheen on the front and top panels. There is also a control panel hidden underneath a sliding panel cover and hot swappable drive bays sitting behind a sliding front panel.

Cooler Master avoided the temptation to inject RGB lighting into its Anniversary Edition chassis. In place of that, the case comes with a 200mm blue LED fan in the front and a magnetic blue LED to offer a discrete blue glow from behind the tinted side panels.

The Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition will be available in Europe at the end of June for €349. Cooler Master did not say when it will ship to the U.S. or for how much, though a straight conversion works out to around $390.

Paul Lilly

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