Control Ultimate Edition and more up to 90% off in The Humble Store End of Summer Sale

(Image credit: 505 Games)

When it comes to big game releases, September is right on the edge of the busy season—ideal to get a few games in you've been meaning to play for ages, swear to God. The Humble End of Summer Sale is here to help and offers some good deals on perpetual favourites. At 20 percent off, this is the first sale of the Control Ultimate Edition for PC, consisting of Control and its two DLCs, less than a week after release. But there's a lot more worth checking—if Wasteland 3 looks good but you want to know what the series is all about, you can grab Wasteland 2 for 70 percent off or even the classic Wasteland all the way from 1988. Or maybe at 40 percent off it's time to find out if Puyo Puyo Tetris is really the superior Tetris before the sequel releases. 

Here are some more highlights from the sale:

  •  Jedi: Fallen Order (50 percent off) 
  •  Battlefield V (50 percent off) 
  •  Civilization IV Platinum Edition (60 percent off) 
  •  Borderlands 3  (50 percent off) 
  •  Yakuza 0 (75 percent off) 
  •  Two Point Hospital (70 percent off) 
  •  XCOM 2 Collection (70 percent off) 

The Humble Store End of Summer Sale runs until September 10 10am PDT/5pm BST. There's a slo a limited deal on right now which gives Humble Premium subscribers all 12 games of the current bundle, instead of the usual choice of 9 games total.