Conan Exiles to get full mod support on PC

Funcom's incoming survival open-world sandbox adventure game Conan Exiles is due January 31. When it lands, it'll come with full mod support.

As detailed in a post on the game's site, mod developers will be able to download a custom Unreal Engine editor and will be to craft new monsters, weapons and whole host of other gameplay adjustments by way of modding tools. A mod management tool also connects to the Steam Workshop, allowing players access to the mods with the click of a button. 

"The great thing about these games is that you can play them however you want,” says Creative Director Joel Bylos. "You can easily set up a server and play with your friends, and with our in-game controls you can simply adjust all aspects of your play experience to suit your playstyle whether that is turning off thirst, spawning a huge monster, or stop the day/night cycle. If you want to play all by yourself locally, you have access to the very same controls."

Elsewhere in the above-linked post, Funcom explains Conan Exiles' server information, as noted by Bylos above—where players can set up their own dedicated servers, or rent them via the dev's official partner PingPerfect. 

Running your own server grants players access to a "powerful server control system" which allows you to "alter many aspects of the play experience." This may mean toggling PvP on or off, for example, or disabling sandstorms, tweaking the day/night cycle or activating god mode, among a number of other features.

A 'Community Filter' also lets players refine server selection to suit their prefered playstyle, letting them pair up with players of similar skill and style. 

Conan Exiles is due to land on Steam Early Access on January 31—here's another look at its system requirements