Conan Exiles drops cinematic trailer and sets price ahead of launch next week

Are cinematic trailers helpful? I tend to file them in the same category as live-action shorts in that I'm not convinced they make me feel any more inclined to want a game after viewing. Conan Exiles is, however, a game I'm pretty excited for and this cinematic comes with news of its price and details of its special edition, should that sort of thing tickle your fancy. 

First the latter. The game's 'Barbarian Edition' bills itself as the "ultimate introduction to the world of Conan the Barbarian" and comes with a host of goodies such as: a Conan Exiles digital comic book, six digital Conan the Avenger comic books (from Dark Horse Comics), 'The Coming of Conan' ebook, and 'The Art of Conan Exiles' digital artbook, among other things. This package will set you back $60/your localised equivalent, and more information can be found in this direction

Now, that cinematic trailer: 

"One of the really great things about working with Conan the Barbarian is that there is this huge pop cultural universe surrounding him," says developer Funcom's CEO Rui Casais. "Being able to team up with Dark Horse Comics, Modiphius, and other Conan creators has allowed us to build a special edition that speaks to both fans and those discovering Conan for the first time."

If, like me, you prefer in-game footage over cinematics, last week's look at Exiles' summonable god-like Avatars is pretty cool: 

Conan Exiles is due to enter Early Access next week on January 31. "The standard edition of the game is priced at $29.99," reads an update post on the Funcom site. I reckon this will equate to £19.99 in UK money, however I'm in the process of confirming this—I'll update once I've heard back from the developer.