Someone found Leatherface's house in Warzone

Infinity Ward is going all out for spooky season. With Call of Duty's Halloween update, The Haunting of Verdansk, in full swing, we've got Jigsaw-themed cosmetics—not the popular puzzle format, just as an FYI—and a Zombie Royale mode that sounds a bit like vanilla Multiplayer's Reinfected mode, but in battle royale, with all of it shrouded in darkness. But there's plenty more spine-tingling titbits to find, as players far braver than myself are discovering.

Not only does the 'star' of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre appear as part of his own cosmetic bundle, but he also seemingly lives in Warzone. Hopefully it's temporary. So not only is this vast section of Russia a last-player-standing battleground full of guns, explosives, and Juggernauts, but it also houses a chainsaw-wielding psychopath with a penchant for dismemberment. Which is enough for me to maybe take a holiday from Verdansk for the foreseeable.

Speaking of holidays, it seems like the famous masked murderer is taking one of his own away from his normal home in the southern United States. Found by The Legendary Borac, Leatherface also apparently has another property on the eastern side of the Krovnik Farmland. Frankly, it makes sense given the amount of foot traffic Verdansk gets daily: With groups of 150 targets dropping in all the time, that's a lot of limbs.

But before we get to the shack itself, a disclaimer: I've never seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The name was always enough for me, really. When I'm choosing a film to watch of an evening, I never find myself quite in the mood for a chainsaw massacre. What's more, having read the plot summary and watched the video above, I feel my choice has been justified.

If something is possessing you to actually see it in person, head to the structure just east of the main barn in the centre of Farmland—the specific spot is marked in the video. The first clearly iffy thing is the blue, spectral presence visible in the building's attic. For some reason, Borac then goes inside, with only their breathing breaking the eerie silence as they creep through the window.

Soon, though, the house's deranged inhabitant becomes clear. There are bloody lumps of flesh on the dining room table, crimson spatters on the fridge, and red footprints on the floor. Then, the tell-tale sign: The piercing sound of a chainsaw upstairs. Tiptoeing upstairs, Borac finds the attic empty, until the ghost of Leatherface appears in front and then behind them, blocking the staircase. Obviously, Borac has no other choice but to run for it.

If that wasn't terrifying enough, there are plenty more scares to be had across Warzone right now. Ghosts have also been spotted in hospital and they pop up as a jump-scare as players open special cosmetic loot chests at the 16 different Warzone Trick or Treat locations. Needless to say, if you're of a nervous disposition, maybe take a break from Verdansk for a bit.

Harry Shepherd

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