Watch this zombicidal Call of Duty player rack up 55 kills in 50 seconds

infected ground war 55 kill streak juggernaut from r/modernwarfare

The best thing about stumbling across these kinds of gameplay clips is I get to find out what it's like to be on the other side of them. Pretty much every time I'm one of the poor souls getting mowed down by skilled players, so I take a bit of vicarious satisfaction in the footage above. Perhaps it's because I'd rather not think about how long it would take me just to rack up this many kills myself.

But this is no normal round of Call of Duty multiplayer. Reinfected Ground War is a hilariously chaotic game mode that returned to Modern Warfare playlists yesterday, and it's an awful lot of fun. The variation of the mode, Giant Infection, was removed earlier this year for giving out too much XP, and it still seems a little broken even now—which is absolutely part of the fun.

Reinfected Ground War is Call of Duty's Infected mode, but played on the large maps of Ground War, and it faces off normal Survivor players against Infected ones. Matches start with one player who's a little on the turn, and their aim is to spread their illness to everybody else. Once Infected, players may only wield a one-hit-kill melee weapon, but are imbued with super-fast feet.

Survivors then aim to be the last healthy player standing as they're hunted by rapidly increasing hordes of zombified players. It's exactly as thrilling as that sounds, but even though this significant departure from traditional Call of Duty PvP doesn't affect player kill-death ratios, it does include killstreaks for even more mayhem.

Which brings us onto the the mad video Terryr29 posted to Reddit. Down to the last three Survivors, they're holed up at the top of a tower block on Zhokov Boneyard, with a lethal combination of cover at the top of the stairwell, and a Juggernaut—which made its brief debut in battle royale via Warzone Juggernaut Royale not long ago. Unlocked after 15 kills, this near-unstoppable killstreak reward comes packing heavy armour and a minigun.

With the rapid-firing weapon pointed squarely at the Infected masses, the XP bonuses come rolling in so fast the game can scarcely keep up. The dead hordes just keep getting blasted back like a scene from World War Z or some gameplay from Days Gone. All that's missing is some Ode to Joy just to top it off as Terryr gets 55 kills in a little over 50 seconds. Even a Campaign Designer at Infinity Ward posted his approval under the video with a "Dude. GET. SOME."

Then, the inevitable. With their shrewdly-placed cover in tatters, a jump from the tower isn't enough to stop them succumbing to a grisly end. They'll no doubt be wishing this game mode did affect their KD for this one.

Of course, the big news in the world of Call of Duty PvP is last week's Cold War multiplayer reveal. Morgan felt it was a step back after his trip back to the war-torn 80s, but if it ends up being anywhere near as ridiculous as the Infected multiplayer modes can be, I'm interested.

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