Cocktails, sand, and life-threatening situations are all a part of Sims 3: Island Paradise

There's no escaping Death's clammy hand in the Sims 3 , not even in these new screenshots of forthcoming expansion Island Paradise. Hopefully you'll get a few by-the-pool margaritas in before your untimely demise.

The poor lady above seems to have confused "island paradise" with "gangster's paradise," but no matter. In this latest batch of screenshots from EA's people simulator, things appear to be going just swimmingly—that is, until death makes a bizarre, underwater appearance, probably following a fatal kraken attack . Personally, I'm looking forward to luring unsuspecting Sims into my houseboat-cum-modern-art-museum before dumping them in shark-infested waters.

The Sims 3: Island Paradise is out June 25. It's pre-orderable on Origin , where you'll also find other Sims 3 expansions discounted in the lead-up to holiday funtimes.