Classic side-scroller Flashback is being remade, and the remake lands this week

Last week, we got a new look at the announced remake of the 1992 classic side-scroller Flashback . This time, the trailer focuses more on the story elements than the revamped gameplay and updated graphics. The original Flashback was before my time, but the idea of waking up lost, with pieces of your memory missing, is compelling—Agent Conrad B. Hart is told by a recording of himself that an alien invasion is underway, and it's up to him to stop it.

The remake will add some new features such as a skill system, character customization, and 360-degree aiming. For fans who'd rather not change a thing, the original twenty-one-year-old version will come bundled with the remake.

Giving beloved old games a fresh coat of paint is always a bit tricky, and we'll have to wait and see how this one turns out. To Ubisoft's credit, though, it's been trying to keep the changes to a minimum. In an interview with Polygon , Ubisoft's Guillaume Da Costa Vieira said, “We wanted to stay true to the roots and to respect the original spirit of the game because, for us—the team and the fans—respecting the core value of the game was very important.”

Flashback will come out for PC this week, on August 21.