Cities: Skylines celebrates its third anniversary with free Surviving Mars DLC

Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive’s city builder, Cities: Skylines, turns three this weekend, on March 10. Paradox has also announced that 5 million copies have been sold on PC alone. To celebrate the anniversary and sales milestone, everyone’s getting free DLC inspired by Surviving Mars, the colony survival sim that’s due out on March 15.

The Surviving Mars DLC will contain a new radio station, Official Mars Radio; an astronaut Chirper, if you’ve not killed the bird already; and a new building, the Xchirp Launcher. Everything your city needs to get in on the space race. You could even rename one of your citizens Elon Musk and treat him terribly. I know I will. 

If Surviving Mars also tickles your fancy, Cities: Skylines owners get a 10% discount until March 30. Keep an eye out for my review next week. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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