Children of Morta: a family-based "roguelike action game"

Children of Morta

'Meet the Bergmans' is the caption to the first wallpaper for Dead Mage's Children of Morta, pictured up there in all its pixel art loveliness, and it does more to make me interested in their game than any mention of its "challenging roguelike action". Yep, it's an action RPG roguelike type thing focusing on a family, one with a duty to protect a sacred mountain. The trailer, below, shows how the Bergmans get along, or don't, when they're not fighting monsters or collecting orbs.

Crikey, that was a bit impressive, wasn't it? Details are thin at the moment, but I love that the trailer focuses on the characters as much as it does on the business of hitting monsters until they die. The Bergmans seem like an interesting bunch, and I'm looking forward to getting to know them when the game arrives "soon".

Ta, Eurogamer.

Tom Sykes

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