Check out this neat Elden Ring map in the style of World of Warcraft

Elden Ring view of Liurnia
(Image credit: From Software)

Elden Ring and World of Warcraft aren't games you'd necessarily expect to see bumping up against each other, but Twitter user Aza has squished the two universes together by creating a map of the Lands Between in the style of Azeroth, as spotted by Wowhead.

The map, which you can see below, shows the full overworld found in Elden Ring, complete with landmarks and terrain that would look right at home in Blizzard's MMO. Every detail appears to be accounted for, right down to the elevations of particular areas and the Minor Erdtrees you find across the various regions.

(Image credit: @Azapls on Twitter)

Elden Ring was released back in February and despite the ongoing PC performance issues, the hype leading up to From Software's newest game was well deserved. World of Warcraft meanwhile has recently announced its next expansion, Dragonflight, which is set to take us to the Dragon Isles for the first time.

Of course, both games have a history with dragons, large flammable trees, an undead prince, and godlike beings vying for power. But despite that, it's not something I ever expected to see—but it just works, somehow.

This map may be the closest thing we ever get to any kind of crossover of the two very different games and that's probably for the best. But it's still pretty neat.


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