Check out the new trailer for Viking survival game Valheim

VIDEO: See the trailer above. Also on YouTube.

Valheim is a low-fi but big-looking Viking survival game from Iron Gate Studio, and it's now being published by Coffee Stain Studios (known for Satisfactory and Deep Rock Galactic). At the PC Gaming Show today, we caught a glimpse of the many activities available to medieval Norse settlers: Building houses and boats, hunting, raiding dungeons, and fighting tree monsters.

Some of those things are more historical than others.

There are moments where Valheim's low-poly style just looks a bit grimy, but when it zooms out to show a glade or ocean overlook, it's quite pretty. I like the apparent freedom we see in the trailer: It looks like you can transform the environment by digging into it, Minecraft-style.

Valheim doesn't have a release date (the Steam page says it's coming "when Odin is pleased"), but it's accepting beta applications on its official site.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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