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Cheap gaming PC deals

Bagging yourself a brand new gaming PC doesn’t have to cost a fortune and picking up an affordable rig doesn’t mean you have to go and build it yourself, either. But figuring out which cheap gaming PC is actually going to give you a decent experience in-game can be tough.

Even if the price is right a misstep on the chosen components can mean your new purchase is about as effective a gaming rig as a Raspberry Pi. Our regularly updated guide to the best cheap gaming PCs will give you the best prices we’ve found for desktop machines which will deliver decent frame rates in the latest games.

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Some highlights this week: If you've already got a valid license key for Windows, and happy to do the install dance yourself, then the super-cheap Skylake Zoostorm machine looks great value. It is only rocking a lowly H110 chipset, but for a budget build like this you're not going to miss the extra memory slots or PCIe gen3 motherboard connections—the CPU itself has all the PCIe lanes your GPU needs.

The second Overclockers machine though comes rocking the top Z170 motherboard chipset. So, while they may have relatively low-end processors they do represent a great future upgrade platform as both the next two generations of Intel CPUs (Kaby Lake and Cannonlake) will likely be supported by the Z170 via firmware updates. And with the configurator tools you can add in anything else you feel you might need.

Intel Core i3-6100 | Nvidia GTX 950 | 8GB DDR4 | 2TB HDD | £419.99
- Looking for that slight Stormtrooper aesthetic from your gaming rig? Then this bargainous Zoostorm Gaming PC could well be your bag. As well as the white and black chassis you get a quad-thread Skylake Core i3 CPU and GTX 950 graphics card, though you will need to install an OS yourself. Is it time to try Linux gaming? Check out this deal at Ebuyer for £419.99.

Intel Pentium G3258 | GTX 960 2GB | 8GB DDR3 | 1TB SSHD | £450.96
- Also available sans OS is this OcUK Titan Dagger machine, though Overclockers will install Windows 10 for you for an extra £80. What you do get for this price is the Pentium Anniversary G3258 overclocked to a healthy 4.2GHz on an advanced Z97 motherboard, with a GTX 750 Ti and a 1TB SSHD hybrid drive. You can configure it yourself at Overclockers where it's £450.96.

Intel Core i5-6400 | GTX 750 Ti | 8GB DDR4 | 1TB HDD | £525.86
- Overclockers can also set you up with a Skylake machine with a quad-core i5 and a Z170 motherboard via its configurable OcUK Kinetic Z1 machine. Without OS, but with i5 CPU, GTX 750 Ti, 1TB HDD and OcUK's full 3 year warranty. Check out the configurator at Overclockers where the build is £525.86.

AMD FX-4300 | Nvidia GTX 960 2GB | 8GB DDR3 | 1TB HDD | £499
- Intel CPUs aren't the only fruit however, and you can get great deals on gaming PCs with AMD processors inside. This Cyberpower Gaming Empire Elite II comes with a quad-core FX-4300 and Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card and Windows 10 pre-installed. View this deal at Currys for £499.

Intel Core i5-6400 | Nvidia GTX 960 2GB | 8GB DDR4 | 1TB HDD | £699.99
- Currys also has a fully set up MSI Nightblade system available, with a quad-core Intel Skylake i5 CPU, 1TB hard drive, 8GB memory and a Nvidia GTX 960 all in MSI's svelte little chassis. Check out the deal at Currys where it's £699.99.

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