Chaos Reborn update adds new multiplayer mode, environments and maps

Chaos Reborn

Chaos Reborn, the "turn-based wizard combat game with an RPG twist" that was successfully crowdfunded last year by original X-Com creator Julian Gollop, has been updated with the new "Classic Chaos" multiplayer mode, along with a pair of new environments and some multiplayer maps. The developers also announced that the single-player "realm exploration mode" will be unveiled to the world next month.

Each player in Classic Chaos mode controls a wizard outfitted with the same standard staff and body gear, according to the latest Kickstarter update, but with a random selection of spells. Separate league competition for Classic Chaos is also available, so "those of you who prefer this mode you will be able to win fame and glory."

The update also includes screens of the new environments: Ruins, "the shattered remnants of civilizations from the old world," where great magical knowledge is guarded by powerful Wizard Lords; and Citadel, a magical fortress governed by a Wizard Lord who summons and binds creatures to protect strategic locations.

Finally, the developers said that single-player gameplay, introduced in a limited form by way of a "versus-AI" mode added in the Decemeber 2014 update, will be expanded considerably. "We have also been hard at work implementing the single player realm exploration mode," the update states. "An initial version of this will be released in June, and will also feature a co-op mode allowing you to recruit an ally for any battle."

Chaos Reborn is currently available as an Early Access game on Steam. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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