Superplanes, trains, and hovertanks: Champions Online adding customizable vehicles this week

What is Batman without the Batmobile? Wonder Woman without her invisible jet? The Fantastic Four without their...wait, it's called the Fantasticar ? Oh no.

In any case, a great ride adds style points to any hero, and your Champions Online character will be able to take up the fight against crime in a custom vehicle when the game's next update goes live this week.

Vehicles will be customizable, with different chassis (that grant varied stats) upon which you can apply colorful skins. Initially, you'll be able to choose between jets and hovertanks, but more models (like speeder bikes) are planned down the line. Your vehicle has several gear slots of its own that can be filled with mods, earned from the new vehicle missions.

While you're waiting for the patch to drop so you can drive (or more likely, fly) off of the lot, we've got a full tour of the showroom lined up below. These are just a few of the possible variants.