CD Projekt Red breaks down Cyberpunk 2077 trailer frame by frame in new series

CD Projekt Red has launched an ongoing blog series that breaks down its Cyberpunk 2077 E3 trailer frame by frame. By the developer's reckoning, "almost every scene in the E3 2018 trailer tells a story of its own"—and while we gathered everything we learned from E3 2018 and more, it's always nice to hear from the developer itself.   

"The E3 2018 trailer is a result of hard work of the entire development team at CD Projekt Red and is based on concept art done over the years," explains the dev in this post. That concept artwork lives on the game's website, and illustrates the trailer's beginnings

CD Projekt Red's first frame by frame blurb examines the trailer's opening Night City shot, 20 seconds in. 

"Night City is an independent megacity in the Free State of California, run by corporations," says CD Projekt Red of the above. "While geographically still in the territory of United States of America, it falls completely outside of California and the US law. Over the years, it’s been fractured by corporation conflicts and gang wars. Those caught in-between, desperately try to survive, as riots and violence take over the city. 

"The city itself is a monument of humanity. It was supposed to be the best city in the world, built from the ground up. The technology didn’t truly solve problems despite its heavy development. Instead, it created more."

The second blurb looks at the chap sparring with a cyborg, around the 45 second mark.  

"In 2077, society is vastly dependent on drones and robotics. From simple camera drones, able to both record and transmit live feed, to big clunky creatures, warehouse machinery and training bots," says the dev of that. "It’s not unusual for people to see huge automated trash collectors or robots sweeping the streets. Either mass produced by corporations or put together from stolen trashed pieces of tech, robotics serve a huge role in both economics sectors and are an everyday addition to the life of people in Night City.

"Most of the public transportation services are handled by automated vehicles, whether it’s trains, subways or buses. These vehicles are entities in their own right, able to communicate with each other to make adjustments and correct their behavior accordingly."

Cross check the above with Cyberpunk 2077's E3 trailer in full. 

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