Cyberpunk 2077 concept art illustrates the trailer's beginnings

I've watched Cyberpunk 2077's E3 trailer so many times that I've now lost count. Each time I do, I spot something I hadn't before—which is why I find the following concept artwork so interesting. The snapshots below combine to show how CD Projekt Red's ideas have evolved, and where the E3 trailer began. 

Let's first have another look at the trailer in full, before we match up the concept snapshots with their final iterations below:

First up, the hugging couple/idling car/brawling threesome scene. It features like this above (41 seconds in): 

And here's its concept still. Note the flying car: 

Around the 0.59 mark above, we see a group admiring a four-legged robot.

It seems the bot was added later, though, and the meeting here looks more serious in tone. 

At 1.01, we see a silver-skinned model/celebrity posing for photographers on a red carpet.

Which isn't too far off what we see here: 

Armed paramedics revive some poor chap at 1.03.

Which again looks pretty similar to this:

At 1.15, an armed robbery goes awry.

But not quite as off-course as this. Poor bastard:

Neat, huh? Here's a smattering of screenshots that feature on the Cyberpunk 2077 website:  

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